Configuration files

You may know the framebuffer console which displays a cute penguin logo at startup. Since so many people use the standard logo, it is almost lame to use the penguin too. With the help of the gimp plugin glogo I converted the Debian swirl into a suitable header for kernel 2.4.20.
Enscript(1) is a tool which converts ascii text (i.e. source code, documentation) into Postscripttm. I have altered the ETH-Header, so it is printed as a page header.
Based on the (included) hilighting rules for pascal, these rules do the highlighting for Oberon. Print script.
As it is very annoying to program in the native oberon programming environment, I used to do the programming under vim(1) and import the written programs. There is also some support for correcting syntax errors using ":make" in vim and pasting the errors: dot.vimrc-oberon ,,