Date: 2002-03-24
Host: gendo
Size: 501 KBytes

Now using borderless Eterms. On the left you see vim while coding some kind of bookmark-query-server (which is running in the middle right Eterm).

Date: 2001-09-16
Host: gendo
Size: 979 KBytes

My first screenshot. I'm using WindowMaker with transparent Eterms. On the left side of the screen you can see cdrecord at the top burning some backups, the command to shoot this image, mkisofs creating the ISO-files for cdrecord over nfs, Midnight Commander calculating how many files fit on a CD-ROM. On the right side you see Xmms with an eva-theme playing some eva-mp3's, some more files, me calculating md5sums for some new mpeg's and irssi-gtk. At the bottom are two transparent Eterms 'tail -f'-ing my log-files. The dockapps are (from top to bottom): wmnet (2x, shinji is remote), wmmon, wmGrabImage (3x showing the local weather), wmWeather, wmSun and wmMoonClock.