I use this tool to maintain the md5sum(1) files on my file server. The idea is to have a file called md5sum in each directory which holds checksums of all files in this directory. This tool reports where new files where added, where files where removed, optionnally checks whether the hashes in the md5sum files are still correct (-c option) or even automatically updates them (-u). Collective exclusion of files is supported by specifying a regular expression. Thanks to Lukas Beeler, there is now also a manual page. The latest unstable version can be found in the Subversion repository.
I use these pictures to test TFT's for faulty pixels. First use the white and black one to locate such pixels, then use the RGB pictures to find out which subpixels ceased to work. The 'check'-picture is for tuning the AD-conversion in the TFT.
This perl script converts your palm address database into a format suitable for mutt(1) . The output is either in the alias-format (suitable for sourceing in your .muttrc at starttime) or in the query-format (takes a regexp and outputs only the matching records).
Whenever I had to rename a lot of files I had to use either mmv(1) or a complicated for loop in the shell. So I wrote a little script called viname. viname takes the filenames given at the command line and writes them into a temporary file which can be edited with your favourite editor (e.g. vim). After saving and exiting, viname reads the temporary file line by line and renames all the files.